Take it From the Bros

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Da new joint.


The cool ordering system

Brioche-chicken-tomato-lettuce-trufflemayo-bacon-caramelizedonions-swiss-cheese burger with copy

Besides the team-up of the burger bar gang, Fatboy’s Bernie Tay and the Muttons DJs, there’s another match made in heaven at Far East Plaza: good music, and devilishly delish food.Justin Ang bought the glowing neon jukebox above the drink chiller (Dr. Pepper hunters, rejoice!) and Vernon A., proclaiming himself the establishment’s resident DJ, has compiled for it an eclectic mix of rock and indie for your listening pleasure.

While Vernon aspires toward the ‘Eat Whatever You Want and Not Get Fat’ ideal and would associate Fatboy’s burgers with “any song from Fatboy Slim”, Justin says he’d play Katy Perry’s Firework in tribute to the food here: “Every bite is an explosion in your mouth. And when I think of big, round things like burgers… I think of Katy as well.”

We wish making the perfect burger were as simple as Bernie & The Muttons, music & food. But fat hope on that – especially when you’re spoilt for choice with a plethora of sauces, patties, and every other (un)imaginable ingredient.

If you find yourself holding up the iPad order queue because you’re agonizing over what to put together at the burger bar, why not try taking it from the pr… bros? Here are the bawses’ poisons of choice.

Bernie Tay (a.k.a. Mr. Fatboy’s)
Simplicity at its Best    

I try out an abundance of ‘complicated’ burgers every day, so a ‘simple’ burger is something I don’t get very often. For me, I’d have a basic bacon cheeseburger: a beef patty, bacon, cheddar cheese and the Fatboy’s Homemade Barbeque sauce. All that sandwiched between our brioche buns, which are made with double the butter and milk as compared to the other buns for that soft, creamy consistency beyond its flaky crust.

Also, don’t forget to always add our Chilli Cheese Fries on the side; we’ve got home-made chilli con carne that we cook with aged cheddar, and the combination is effing good.

Vernon A. (a.k.a. ‘Mutton’)
Elvis Will Not Leave the Building

The Elvis was the first burger that I went for when I was introduced to Fatboy’s, because Elvis Presley was known for having loved peanut butter and banana sandwiches, and they so happened to have it here. Absolutely loved it! But when I come by the burger bar, I make my own version of The Elvis: a brioche bun with a pork patty topped with peanut butter sauce, grilled bananas, cheese… and an egg. Sinful, but brilliant – the taste will blow you away!

I’d pair that fav. with the Mozzarella Cheese Sticks. Everybody’s been complimenting them.

Justin Ang (a.k.a. ‘Mutton’)
Layers of Onions

Mine’s actually very close to Bernie’s. I’d go for the basic bacon, cheese, barbeque sauce, brioche bun and beef patty as well (not lamb, because that would be cannibalism!) – but I absolutely MUST have caramelized onions in any burger. I’m not saying this because I’m one of Bernie’s partners, but Fatboy’s seriously makes one of the best caramelized onions around. And fries on the side, else the meal would be incomplete.

We’ve also got fantastic Onion Rings. They’re not the regular minced onion rubbish you get in regular fast food; we’ve got solid, big, fat onion rings that are deliciously battered.

To add on to that, there are also 11 different sauces to dip the onion rings / fries in – so even finger food here can taste different, every day! Truffle Mayonnaise is currently at the top of my list. I actually came up with the idea of this sauce, to which Bernie said, “I’ll give it a shot,” and put it into action. And now…. Oh my gosh. I now have Truffle Mayonaise with my burgers, my fries, and basically everything else here.

Feeling inspired yet? Head down over to the burger bar make your own burger creation, and taste for yourself if what they say is true.



Legally Dope: The Burger Evolution Begins

 Bernie & The Muttons

Meet the Boys (from left: Vernon, Bernie, Justin)

TheBurgerBar iPad Ordering Demo

Introducing the swanky, new quick order system

Brioche-chicken-tomato-lettuce-trufflemayo-bacon-caramelizedonions-swiss-cheese burger 2

The new “da bao” (takeaway) bag is pretty cool too

The Muttons DJs Justin Ang and Vernon A. are serious (burger) junkies that can’t be saved. So much that together with their partner in crime, Fatboy’s co-founder Bernie Tay, they’ve launched the burger bar: where a new burger evolution is brewing.The spanking-new outlet by Fatboy’s Concepts is a little different from its big Fatboy’s brothers with its quick-serve concept.

Standing at 300 square ft., this mini-me of the original Burger Bar serves up piping hot made-to-order burgers for those who like it snappy and affordable, but baulk at the thought of getting fat on junk and fast food. This no-nonsense joint swears by the freshest of ingredients, with secret topping and sauce creations perfected by Mr. Bernie Tay himself.

If you’re looking to dope up your inner Fatboy in a jiffy, the burger bar is it. The Muttons dub themselves the official ‘Food Tasters’ of Fatboy’s, and swear that Bernie “puts drugs in his food”.

Don’t expect Fatboy’s regular diner service and their trademark burgers, though; it only takes a few taps of your fingers on their spiffy iPad order system for you to whip up your own.

“People walk in to the burger bar expecting Fat Basterds, but what we’re actually offering is the opportunity for you to build your own burgers,” Bernie explains.

“We have so many ingredients for you to mix and match, we daresay that at any one time, no two people here ever has the exact same burger,” Justin adds.

“If you go to a restaurant or any café in Singapore that sells burgers and tell them: ‘I want a pork, lamb and peanut butter burger, all rolled into one,’ they’ll probably tell you that they don’t do that. At the burger bar, you can have any combination you want – and no one’s going to laugh at you because it’s the norm!”

Bernie and the Muttons aren’t going to stop just there. The trio are planning to take the burger bar to the rest of the Asia Pacific Region, all while continuing to expand their menu. Bernie hints that the next sauce he’s currently working on “has something to do with Marmite.”

Vernon seems to harbor shadier motives, though: “Once we bring the burger bar to other regions like Vietnam and Cambodia, we can start our drug trafficking and child slave labor business, and it’s all going to be on the menu, too.” (Justin: “That’s why I say, cannot trust this fella. It took me 10 years of working on radio with Vernon before I could trust him as a business partner!”)

For now, burger buffs can enjoy their own concoctions from a spread of 25 toppings, 11 sauces and 4 buns and patties each to choose from, making for burger combinations that easily hit the thousands. And the prices are generally lower than burgers you’d order off the regular Fatboy’s diner menus  – depending on what you’d like to have in your burger.

Now, that’s pretty dope.